Denise and Michael Hasshill keep a suckler herd of pedigree Dexter cattle
on Little Gormellick Farm, in Cornwall, UK.
Black Dexter cow and red Dexter calf

Dexter cow Gormellick Satin (HB F11398) and calf

Photograph by High View

Gormellick Dexters

Little Gormellick Farm is based in a narrow valley south of the market town of Liskeard, in the district of Caradon, on the eastern side of Cornwall. The Gormellick Dexter Herd has been developed, by careful breeding and management, over the last twenty years. Numerous rosettes and trophies, from the major Cornish and Devon showgrounds, attest to the quality of the herd. Founders of Gormellick Dexters, Denise and Michael Hasshill, are active supporters of the Dexter Cattle Society: Mike is an ex-President of the Society.

Enjoying Dexters

Denise and Mike are happy to share the pleasures of keeping Dexter cattle. Some general interest material, with plenty of pictures, is available here.

Dexter cattle

The Dexter breed is hardy and well suited to the hilly terrain of Lodge Hill, where the animals are kept entirely on grass for most of the year. During the wettest weather, in winter, the Gormellick herd is moved indoors and fed on carefully selected hay, molassed sugar beet and barley mix, and with mineral supplements as required.

Further advice

Advice on all aspects of keeping, breeding, and showing Dexters, and further information about the UK management of breed affairs, is readily available from the Dexter Cattle Society, where there is a list of Field Advisers. This listing covers most localities in the UK and Ireland, and the Advisers are available for help and assistance with Dexter-related matters. Denise and Mike are both Field Advisers for their area. There are also active Dexter cattle associations in America, Australia, and Canada.


From time to time heifers, or selected young cows, are available, from Little Gormellick Farm, for sale to approved farmers or smallholders. These animals will, invariably, be docile and halter-trained, and some will be suitable for showing.

Butchered Dexter meat, by the quarter, half, or whole carcass, can be purchased, but only by prior arrangement.

Denise and Michael Hasshill
Little Gormellick Farm
Lodge Hill, Liskeard
Cornwall, PL14 4JX, UK

Tel/Fax 01579 342955


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