Gormellick Dexters (continued)

Dexter cattle in the hayfield

Humans and Dexters make friends easily.

Photograph by High View

Enjoying Dexters

If you are serious about wishing to keep Dexter cattle then a good way way to learn more about them is to talk to your nearest Field Adviser of the Dexter Cattle Society.

If you are starting from scratch it would be a good idea, first of all, to attend some agricultural shows. Several of these are held in most counties each year. They make for a great day out, with displays; flower tents; fun fairs; sideshows; and numerous competitions. These latter are usually conducted in a spirit of friendly rivalry, and with the aim of maintaining breeding quality.

Not every show will have a class for Dexter cattle, but you can be sure that at those that do there will be half a dozen enthusiasts who will be delighted to chat whilst waiting for their own entries to be judged. They will explain the finer points of a "good" animal, and confirm the many excellent qualities of the breed.

To get a better idea of the fun to be had by going to shows, or to see more pictures of Dexter cattle and calves around Little Gormellick Farm, you are invited to have a browse in our photo albums by clicking on the links below.

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